Choosing A Gold Coast Painter

Having trouble choosing the right colours? Wow Painting and Decorating can take the hassle out of painting for you.

Does your paint job seem like an impossible task? Wow Painting and Decorating can take the hassle out of painting for you.

Painting on the Gold Coast is one of the most popular ways you can improve your home or place of business. If you’re planning a painting job it’s best to hire a professional painting contractor. People often underestimate the time and effort that go into tackling a painting job themselves.

Professional painting contractors are equipped with all the tools and materials that will save you a lot of trouble and time in the long run.

When hiring a Gold Coast Painter, it’s important to ask these questions:

  1. Is the painting contractor licensed with the Qld BSA (Building Services Authority)?
  2. How long has the painting contractor been in business?
  3. Does the company have experienced painting employees?
  4. Does the painting contractor have insurance?
  5. What painting preparation work does the contractor do?  If the prep work is not done properly to cut corners it will show in the finished product.
  6. Can the contractor provide references?
  7. Is the painting contractor knowledgeable about materials, latest products, latest trends, techniques, colours and finishes?
  8. Does the painting contractor give a written quote and contract?
  9. Does the painting contractor offer a maintenance program?
  10. How much does the painting contractor charge? When it comes to painting the lowest quote is usually a case of you get what you pay for.  Be sure to hire based on experience, skill, licenses, insurance, good employees and an awareness of safety issues. That doesn’t mean you should hire based on the highest quote either, it just means not to hire based on price alone.

At WOW Painting and Decorating – Gold Coast Painters we believe that we tick all the above boxes. We know what our clients want and we are experts at delivering a flawless finish every time. We service the whole Gold Coast with painting from the north right down to the southern Gold Coast and beyond the border into Northern New South Wales.

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