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A Decorative Stone Paint Finish

A Decorative Stone Paint Finish

Wow Painting and Decorating are Painters and Decorators on the Gold Coast who are fully qualified and licensed with the QBSA (Qld Building Services Authority).

Painters and Decorators are tradesmen whose job it is to improve the looks of buildings or to protect buildings from environmental damage over time such as corrosion, rust, water, insects or mould. The term “decorator” is used because this indicates that the painter is qualified to also decorate in the form of special finishes, whether it be interior or exterior. Decorative or special finishes are a skill that not all painters have.

As Gold Coast painters and decorators, Wow Painting and Decorating have been involved in many painting projects where our skills of decorating have really come into play. Not only will a painter and decorator know how to apply special finishes but also which paints are more suitable for that particular finish.

These days there are so many options to choose from when it comes to paint finishes. Don’t be intimidated to try something a little different from the norm. A decorative finish can really set your home apart from the rest and inject a bit of your personality into the overall style of what you’re trying to achieve. Nothing adds more impact when decorating than paint and of course it’s one of the easiest things to change if you want something different. Paint can change the whole feeling or atmosphere of a room.

Metallic paint, suede paint and stone paint are very popular at the moment. These paints look fabulous when applied properly and have the ability to add a bit of “Wow” to any room. Don’t overdo things, it’s best to use these paints as  a feature wall or to highlight an alcove or bulkhead. Some of the paint techniques that painters and decorators use to apply these special paints or ordinary paint are to paint stripes, sponging, marbling, stippling, rag rolling, ragging, colour washing and faux leather. These special finishes can easily be painted over giving you a blank canvas to work with in case it’s not the look you’re after.

Gold Coast Painters and Decorators should also be qualified to hang wallpaper. Wallpaper is coming back into vogue in a big way. Don’t worry, today’s wallpaper is not the outdated look of the 70’s but a very stylish and modern fresh new look that has taken Gold Coast decorating by storm.

Modern wallpapers have wonderful natural fibre textures as well as metallics and flocked designs. Once again, if you’re after a really individual look you’ll be amazed at how good these wallpapers look and how many designs are available. Wow Painting and Decorating can professionally hang your wallpaper ensuring that the job is done professionally and that it will last.

Gold Coast wallpaper decorating is taking off so if you’re interested in a fresh new look Wow Painting and Decorating can expertly hang the wallpaper of your choice.

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