Feng Shui and Colour

Painters Gold Coast and Feng ShuiDo you seem to always have trouble with your career?  Perhaps your finances or love life are not what you hoped for. Have you ever considered the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is all about creating harmony and balance around us while focusing on natural elements. If our surroundings are in balance then so too will be our lives.

Feng Shui is used by many architects and interior decorators. Large corporations use Feng shui in their offices. Donald Trump, Virgin Airlines and The United Nations are just a few.

When choosing to incorporate Feng Shui practices for the home there are a few things to consider. Furniture placement, materials and shapes and of course most important is colour.

The five main elements to Feng Shui are:

  • Water – blue and black shades (represents positive energy)
  • Wood – green shades (represents new life and renewal)
  • Fire – red, pink and maroon shades (represents heat and light)
  • Earth – orange, yellow and brown shades (represents health and well being)
  • Metal – white, silver, grey and gold shades (represents wealth and prosperity)

Let’s not forget about the ceiling. It takes up one-sixth of the space in a room. Most people just give a ceiling a coat of white paint as white has always been the safest choice. If a ceiling is lighter than the wall then it will feel higher, if the ceiling is darker than the wall then it will feel lower. In some rooms it’s great to visually lower the ceilings to create a cosy intimate feel. Dark walls will make a room appear smaller and light walls will make a room appear larger.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is whatever colour you choose, you are the one that has to live with it. So choose a good quality paint and a colour that ultimately suits your personal taste.

Room colour directly affects mood. To see the many characteristics go to Choosing Interior Paint Colours.

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